Defending Insanity

I don't remember the last time I wrote something here. It must have been long time back. I stopped writing stuff in blogger when it started developing issues with the HCU campus network. I switched to WordPress. WP has been treating me alright... 2 years, 250 posts, 320 followers (the last I checked) and all...

Why did I ever start writing things here? I don't remember. Initially, it felt good and then it became an addiction and now it has reached the level of necessity. Very similar to trying out pots! Don't misunderstand me, I am not a user. Like any kid who knew other kids who tried pots, I have tried it and got my arse kicked on a couple of occasions; giggling/grinning uncontrollably in a much dreaded Professor's class, cycling maniacally through the deserted roads of campus and finally falling down after hitting a poor water buffallo...etc. are some of the after-effects I experienced. But, thats it. I have never allowed any other addiction to get a hold on me. 

It is funny when you look at it. Writing is something that I would have done anyway. I hoped to get a hell load of reading done when I joined University. Unfortunately, the very University that was supposed to nurture the knowledge of its scholars, left most of us in a confused state. When you have successfully managed to come out through a war alive, you can tell the world how horrific it was. I find myself in the same position. Two years of my M.A was that; an unnecessary war and I would have been happier elsewhere. Now, when I look back at my post-graduation years, it's all a blur. I can't figure out what I did or why I did what I did. I became saner during the one year I spend after that and realized what all I could do during the year I finished my dissertation for an MPhil. 

This is an insane world and certifiably insane people from all over the sub-continent qualifies for this place. Including me. 

The saner you are, the less chance you have of surviving here.

- Manu

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Soumya V said...

good to you wrote something here. I too was off from blogger and then restarted,but yet to get that urge to be here than WP. guess,your posts wud draw me back!