Rants of a Patriot/Terrorist/Freedom Fighter/Factionist

Rants of a Patriot/Terrorist/Freedom Fighter/Factionist

Notice ; - This post is not based on any fictional characters or groups and any resemblence to any group or person is not at all coincidence and I mean it. The intention was only to hurt people who are involved in masked politics and violent means claiming to be the spokespersons of overused terms and in reality try to subvert it by any means. Those who have any problem with this are most welcome at 325, MH-K for any sort of debate over spirits!!
I am a Patriot
I want separation.
I wont take this humiliation anymore
You gave me education
I suffered it!!
You gave me money
I took it with pain and used it on booze!!
(Since its not worth to buy food)
You taught me how to speak in a new tongue
I didnt want to do that
So I fasted.
Then you came and stopped me
We protest against you all the time
So our men dont have time to make rice for us.
No! Stop giving me rice.
We dont want it.
We dont want no chicken.
Cut that Chicken’s neck
and let’s watch the blood oozing out.
We won’t use your guns to
Fight against you.
Thats against our principles.
So we take donations from your enemy.
Well, if you think that I am fighting against
my own people here.
Its for the ‘greater good’.
If I am spilling their own blood
Its for a ‘Greater’ cause.
If I am razing their own homes,
Its for a mightier reason.
If I am stealing their own food
Then its for a ‘Stonger’ fight.
My elders told me to Unite.
I slit their throat.
They are old fashinoed and
they don’t understand the meaning of
Modern ethnographical politics.
They dont have the sense of belonging and sense of identity
that I am talking about.
They are relics from the past
ought to be destroyed and
memories that has to be removed.
The groaning of our women is our
National Anthem.
The clinging of bullet shells give the
background score.
The smoke creates the screen and
carcasses can be the steps.

Disclaimer: – I dont mean to offend any minority group. This is the politics I saw and understood.


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