Rainy Thoughts

Threw out my old raincoat
Set sail without a boat
For places somewhere far beyond my dreams
As the sky came pourin' down
I laid down on the ground
Like I was dreamin'
I let the feelin' wash all over me

 The greatest of all the places I've been.
 I feel they've known me for a long time.
  The old boatmen rowing along the sides,

have given up trying to keep up.
But, their eyes gleam when I smile at them.

It is a land lost to me, by my predecessors.

They left it and remember about it often.
Here I am, trying to reclaim the smell,
feel and power.

You went away in that rain.
Never looked back.
But, I never looked back to see
If you were looking back.

My mistake.


I love it when it is to nowhere.
I hate the deadlines and speed.

Why do we have to reach on time, always?
Why cant it be sometime?
Why can't it be wrong time?


Can this thing carry water and
Give it to a thristy child?
Can this open up and Give
Shelter to a tired man?
Can this give shade to an
Old woman?
Because, If it can't...
Then, I might just cut it off....

I have often wondered what If
the wind decided to drown the boat?
Who would I think of?

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